Is this thing on?

Tap tap tap…. is this thing still on?


On the slim chance that anyone still checks this site, yes, I am still here.  I took the entire month of January (and much of February) as a time to reflect on what I want to achieve from this blog.  Turns out, I missed writing here more than I thought I would.  I missed sharing the ups and downs of my daily life, as boring as it may be.  

I didn’t miss those pesky pictures though.  These days, I feel like I am taking more pictures of things that actually interest me, as opposed to rushing around to find something to fulfill my Project 365 requirement of a picture a day.  

So on this day, February 14, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, or as I like to call it, the last day of my 20’s, I have decided that I will no longer abandon this site.  I don’t promise to post daily, but I do promise to post when I get the whim.  It may be interesting to me but boring as heck to you, but I will do my best not to miss the high points and the few low points.  

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365/365: Done. Done. Done.

I finished. I missed a few days, but I finished.

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364/365: Toy Clearance Time

I do love the Target Toy Clearance!



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363/365: No Pic

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362/365: Still Snowing

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361/365: No Pic

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360/365: White Day-After-Christmas

We were really looking forward to a White Christmas, but it rained all day and melted all of our existing snow.  But it did snow the day afterwards!  

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