Don’t hate me.  My poor little neglected blog deserves better than just a shill post, but I’m going to do it anyway.  

See, I want an iPad.  I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I want one BAD. Baaaaaaad.  And Ebates is going to give me one if I can rope 50 people into signing up at their site.  

Usually, I don’t buy into that kind of shameless promotion, but Ebates is a site that I actually like using.  They offer good coupons/codes for merchants where I frequently shop.  And the best part?  They offer cash back if you use their site to make purchases at those retailers!  I have saved over $100 using Ebates to get cash back (credited to my paypal account).  

So here’s the deal.  The offer me a little kickback for everyone that get to sign up through this link:  Ebates

And here’s the good news for you:  If you sign up through this link you will get your choices of rewards to get you started.  It could be a credit to HP.com, Red Envelope or even $5 to get you Ebates account started!  

So head on over and sign up! I use this site for nearly every online purchase I make, so I highly recommend it!

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